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Welcome to Germering's homepage! Thank you for your interest in our town.

Germering is a young town with a long history. The earliest evidence of human habitation in the municipal area dates back to the late Mesolithic period (around 5000 B.C.). Since the two formerly independent communities of Germering and Unterpfaffenhofen merged in 1978, Germering has since developed into the sixth largest municipal district in Upper Bavaria. Highlights of its recent history were without a doubt the elevation to town status 20 years ago in 1991 and the attainment of Große Kreisstadt (major district town) status in 2004.
Today, Germering is home to more than 39,000 people and has an excellent infrastructure. The ideal transport connections via the motorways A 96 and A 99 and the S 8 direct suburban train airport line ensure maximum mobility, a factor that local businesses in particular profit from. However, we are always looking to encourage new businesses to settle in Germering. If you are interested, please get in touch with our Office for General Business Matters.
Thanks to various structures developed over the past decades, Germering has not only become an attractive working and business location, but also a pleasant place to live. Our town has an outstanding social network with a diverse range of offers for residents of all ages. The school and childcare facilities in particular are exemplary for the region.
Germering has a diverse range of clubs, supported to a large extent by the enthusiastic voluntary commitment of many of its citizens: a factor that makes Germering stand out from other towns. There are around 120 clubs in the area, covering all manner of interests, from sport to culture and community activities. The indoor and open-air swimming pools, the “Polariom” ice-skating rink and the Starnberger Weg golf course round off the range of activities on offer. During the summer months, the Lake Germering recreational area is a popular meeting place for young and old alike. Numerous events such as the Volksfest in July and the Christmas market are further highlights.
But we certainly don’t want to rest on our laurels. Since May 2009, a large number of Germering residents have been voluntarily involved in drawing up the urban development concept, which is to serve as a guide for Germering’s development during the next 15 to 20 years. Preliminary results of this process are the mission statement and plan of action, which were both approved by the municipal council and are now being implemented, step by step.
I cordially invite you to find out more about the wide-ranging offers in Germering on our municipal homepage. Please contact me, either in person, by phone (+49 (0)89 89 419 – 101), post or e-mail if you have any questions or suggestions. The staff at the local council office will also be happy to advise you.
We wish you a warm welcome to Germering!
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